All classes begin with an overview of the Indian spice box and brief explanation of the purpose and health effect of each spice.

The class will consist of the below activities :-

  • Go through my Indian pantry, I will explain the different lentils, flours that are used in vegetarian and vegan cooking.

  • Go through the recipes that will be cooked in the class and give suggestions/alternatives. Most of the Gujarati Kutchi and Kenyan recipes are my family traditional recipes​.

  • Talk about seasonal fresh produce.​

  • Hands on cooking, chopping, peeling, kneading, loads of fun and laughter.

  • You cook 4 delicious recipes plus you help me make your lunch so 5 recipes in total.​

  • Short trip to the local Indian shop where we look at different ingredients- spices, vegetables and lentils, flours and talk about using alternatives. I will show you what can be found in the local supermarket if you don’t have any specialist shops around your area.

  • Come back and enjoy the delicious meal that you have cooked and pack the rest for home.
You also will go home with a goodie bag which includes 5 spices that were used in the class.

Wholesome Wednesdays!

You will learn how to whizz up quick healthy meals based on fusion cuisines. Whether it being after a long tiring day at work, studying or simply having a lazy day, my simple recipes will let your oven/stove do the cooking while you spend your evening unwinding, chilling and relaxing.

Comfort Fridays!

This will be from the comfort of your own home or chosen venue.
The class will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

*Home visits will incur an extra charge if travel time exceeds 40 mins.
Remember you can still have a private class and share the experience with your friends.

 ​Spicy Saturdays!

Let me show you how to make a curry, bread or rice and of course a salad or a dip from any of these regions; African, Asian or Middle eastern. The class will be hot, spicy and colourful.